Ancillary Training

Shore-based Courses


Examined course

The Short-Range Certificate (SRC) is the radio operator qualification which authorises the holder to operate a VHF Radiotelephone fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC). If you own a marine radio handheld or fixed set, you are required by law to hold an operator’s licence. Learn the procedures for operation and gain the qualification on this examined course.

First Aid at Sea

Being aware of an emergency while at sea

In a medical emergency a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives, especially in remote locations.
  This one-day course is designed to provide a working knowledge of first aid for people using small craft.
  It fulfils the requirements for professional skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven. The course is MCA recognised, and satisfies the requirements of some categories of commercial work afloat.

Small Boat Radar

RYA Radar Course

The aim is to teach students to use small boat Radar to assist decision-making in navigation, pilotage and collision avoidance.
The course can be conducted ashore using RYA approved software, or afloat on your own boat.

Seaward Radar at Sea Course

This one day course looks at Radar basics on your own boat, using your Radar equipment.  This course can be an extension to the RYA Small Boat Radar course or taken separately.  We start by understanding your equipment then go to a location at sea to understand targets and their movement on the screen, usually from a mooring buoy or anchor.  We then make simulated fog passages, using the radar for collision avoidance and navigation.