Passage Planning

We are planning our first excursion on Tasman from Cowes probably to the West Country. We are consulting charts and almanacs but wondered what you advise for planning this trip.
From: Paul Kelsey –

Angus Answers: This one of my favourite trips! You will of course be doing the usual weather and tidal checks and putting together a passage plan but there are a few tips that might help.

On the run down to Dartmouth there are a couple of areas where wind against tide can push up a challenging sea so time your passage past these points when the tidal stream will not give you a rough ride.

  • St Albans Ledge
  • The Shambles Bank
  • East of Portland Bill
  • The Portland Race

The Firing Range to the West of St Albans Head is worth avoiding. You can find all the information in the Almanac. During your approach, call Range Control on Channel 8 and they will usually give you a latitude to stay south of, saving you time.

I’ve put together a few tips for passage planning which you can Trip Planning here.

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