Applying for a VHF

I need to apply for a marine radio licence. Where do I start?

From: James Blanche – Red Admiral


Angus replies: Applying for the VHF licence can appear complicated but once into the right part of the Ofcom website it’s pretty straightforward.

To register as a user you will need:
Your name, address and postcode
Phone number
A password over 7 letters with capitals and numbers
Your existing licence number (if you have one. If you can’t find it, it doesn’t matter).

Go to:

And click on ‘apply for a new ship radio licence’


This will take you to the login/register page:

Once registered, you’ll be able to login anytime and apply for licences or change your details.

When you login you’ll be taken to your Licencing Services Page.

At the bottom pick Ship Radio Licence from the drop down box

Then click on Start Application Process

Page 1


Most Seaward motor cruisers register as pleasure ships and MTB Motor Boat

The boxes with an asterisk must be completed. You probably won’t have a cell call number or an MRAA agreement (if you have then you’ll know this already).

Page 2applyingforavhf3


You need to put in a Port of Registry and your SSR number if you have one.

Page 3applyingforavhf4


This is the address you want the licence registered to, usually your home address.

Page 4applyingforavhf5


This is for the details of a 24hr emergency contact in case you have problems at sea.

Page 5applyingforavhf6


This page asks for previous licence details of the vessel. With a pre-owned vessel, check with Seaward or the previous owner.

Page 6


Page 6 asks for items of radio equipment on board.

The likelihood is that your vessel will carry one VHF DSC Fixed and perhaps 1 VHF Portable.

You also have to register AIS Transponders, Active Radar Reflectors (sea-me etc.), Radar and EPIRBS or PLB’s. As you add ‘kit’ it appears on a list at the top of the page. Once finished just click NEXT

Page 7 is about telex services which is irrelevant so just click NEXT

Page 8 Gives you the chance to review your licence info. Once you arew happy click


On page 9 you need to tick the box to agree the licencing terms then click


You’ll be taken to a page that shows your licence information. You are done.applyingforavhf8


If you click on Your Licencing Overview in the list on the left you’ll see your new licence on a list where you can print, amend it, or surrender it at any time.

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